SC Codes launches free React Applications course

We are so thrilled today to announce SC Codes’ newest course: React Applications! 

The React Applications course was created as the platform’s first intermediate-level course, meant to teach students the basics of the React framework through hands-on experience with projects. With guidance from our mentors, students will also begin building their portfolio during the React Applications course, which will ultimately provide them the opportunity to showcase their skills to employers.  

“React is an extremely popular JavaScript framework, and one that is being used by more and more tech companies throughout the state and nation” said program director Kaity Miller. “We are confident that this course will prepare students for the workforce and we couldn’t be more excited to be offering this to all South Carolina residents. 

In the React Applications course on SC Codes, we’ll cover: 

  • An introduction and brief history of React
  • Building single-page apps
  • How to style React components
  • Data management with Redux
  • Automated testing with Jest
  • Challenges and hands-on projects to reinforce understanding

Our goal at SC Codes is to help upskill the workforce in hopes of filling the void of available technology jobs in South Carolina. According to CompTIA, employment in the tech industry in SC expanded by over 5,000 jobs in 2019 and the tech sector represents 6% of our state’s economy. Additionally there were over 34,000 tech job postings during 2019 bringing the current tech employment numbers in SC to just over 130,000.

SC Codes was launched in September 2018 and now has nearly 8,000 registered users statewide. 

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