SC Codes is a learning platform that gives all South Carolina residents free access to code education.

SC Codes is a learning platform and coding community built to connect South Carolinians to the education and resources they need to unlock careers in technology. A collaboration powered by the S.C. Department of Commerce’s Office of Innovation and Build Carolina, SC Codes not only provides free access to technology education, it also connects, trains and empowers programmers across our state.

We’re helping our technical workforce level up.

We’re helping our technical workforce level up. Our goal is to prepare more South Carolinians for jobs in the technology industry by making it easy to access curriculum, training, mentors, events, and job postings. A ready workforce means more opportunity, stronger communities, and an attractive economy.

SC Codes was developed to build an increasingly diverse technology talent pipeline to support industry in our state. It’s our mission to work with partners around the state to ensure that any interested student has access to our platform.

How does SC Codes work?

SC Codes is an online platform offering coding courses and mentorship opportunities to anyone who wants access to technology education. Courses can be completed at your own pace, in your own home — regardless of your technological background. We have resources for students brand new to coding as well as courses for professional developers looking to add a new skill. We’ll also connect you with experienced programming mentors in your area who can offer guidance and support in-person or online. And it’s all free of charge.

From your first coding lesson to your career path, we’re here to help you get where you want to be. We partner with local organizations and volunteers around the state to offer mentorship and support to students taking our courses and to graduates looking for the next right step.

  • Modules for all skill levels
  • Mentor support (in-person and online)
  • Testing and progress reports

After completing a set of modules, SC Codes will connect you with the next best step toward reaching your career goals. We’ve got a network of experienced mentors and business partners dedicated to helping you find internships or apprenticeships, direct employment, or further training and education.

Online Learning Platform

Use our online learning platform to learn a new skill. SC Codes offers free courses in programming for beginners and advanced developers alike.

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Statewide Partnerships

We’ve partnered with organizations in communities across the state who want to help South Carolinians learn to code and join the industry.

Local Mentors

SC Codes mentors are professional programmers in their local communities. They care about helping others learn.

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Our Community Partners Who Support Building SC’s Technology Industry