IMPORTANT UPDATE: SC Codes is closing on Friday, May 31, 2024.

Read more about how you can continue to explore tech in South Carolina on the Build Carolina blog.

SC Codes is a supportive, mentor-led learning community
for anyone interested in learning to code, skilling up or
working as a professional programmer in South Carolina.

Ready to dive in?

Each of the learning tracks below are built to meet you where you are in your educational journey. Pick the one that best describes you and start learning!


Brand new to the world of coding? Interested in learning more before diving into a course? Check out our Explorer track for tips and tricks on how to get started.

Career Changer

Ready to start gaining the foundational skills needed to transition into a tech career? Then the Career Changer track is the perfect place to begin. 


Looking to build upon your existing software development knowledge? Need a refresher on a language learned long ago? The Upskiller track skips all the introductory stuff and takes you straight to the resources you need.


Job Seeker

If you’ve gained the technical skills you need to begin a new career, but need a little more guidance, you’re in the right place. The Job Seeker track provides you with valuable information on your path to that first development role!

Start Seeking

SC Codes was the perfect way for me to learn the building blocks of coding on my own time, without the cost and time constraints of a coding bootcamp!

Caleb McQuaid

As a mom of young children, going back to school is not currently an option for me. I am thankful for the opportunity that SC Codes provided to learn new technical skills for free in a flexible environment with the support of experienced programmers.

Bethany Winston

SC Codes is a wonderful way to learn and network, no matter what level of experience you have in coding.

Victoria Z.

I really enjoyed being a mentor and helping out with the SC Codes program. It makes it more fun when you have a great group to work with. I also learned a lot along the way, even though the sessions were starting at a beginner level. You don’t really realize how much you’ve forgotten until you go back and look at things you learned when you first start writing code!

Harry Baldwin

SC Codes provides a a great pathway into the world of web development with nothing more than a small time-commitment from those who are interested in programming.

Joe Tamburro

SC Codes was a wonderful and enlightening experience! It helped me acquire the knowledge that I needed to start on a new career path.

Brittany Kay

South Carolina Needs More Software Developers

Employment as a software engineer in South Carolina expanded by more than 3,600 jobs in 2020 and the technology industry as a whole contributed $12.7 billion to the state’s economy.
According to Cyberstates™ 2021, the definitive annual analysis of the nation’s tech industry.

Our state’s economy depends on technology.


Our tech sector is responsible for an estimated 6 percent ($12.7 billion) of the overall state economy.

As our tech sector grows, our ability to compete will depend on the availability of an educated tech workforce. However, the pipeline of tech talent in our state – particularly in software development – is not large enough or diverse enough to meet the current demand, much less enough to support future growth in the sector.

Providing free access to technology education has the potential to expose residents to the vast amount of opportunity available – right here in South Carolina.

Our Community Partners Who Support Building The Technology Industry In South Carolina