Well, look at you!

If you’re here that must mean you’ve started or are preparing to start your search for your first software engineering role. We are so excited for you and can’t wait to see you succeed!

You likely already know a little bit about us, but in case you need a refresher…

  • SC Codes is a learning platform that gives all South Carolina residents free access to code education. No strings attached.
  • What makes us so special is our high-quality, custom-built curriculum and our amazing network of mentors – all available with just a few clicks of your mouse.
  • Below, you’ll find a few suggestions on how to set yourself up for success throughout your job search and as you enter the workforce.

Coming soon…

Career support focused courses are coming to the SC Codes platform in the not so distant future! Stay tuned.

In the meantime, we’ve compiled some of our favorite resources to help you get started.

Develop Carolina Fellowship Program

One thing that’s more frustrating than the “Chicken vs The Egg” debate is the “How do I gain experience as a developer, if no one will hire me until I have experience as a developer?” question.

We’ve heard this enough times that we decided to build a solution – The Develop Carolina Fellowship program. This 6-month, paid fellowship program is for new software developers who are ready to enter into the field as a professional developer, but may just need a little help.

Suggested Resources

These resources may include videos, blog posts, articles, podcasts and more. We also love when learners & job seekers share the resources they’ve found value in, so please reach out if there’s a resource you’d like to share with others. And check back here frequently for additions and updates!

Connect with a Mentor (email Morgan@sccodes.org)

Join our #careerhelp Slack channel

Job Seeker YouTube Playlist

Blog: Landing Your First Job After a Bootcamp

The No CS Degree Job Board

How to get your first web development job: The ultimate guide for junior developers

Videos: Fighting Imposter Syndrome

Hang Out With Us

We would love to get to know you better and provide you with additional resources and services such as portfolio review, resume feedback, and more. The easiest way for us to do that is through Slack. If you’re not familiar with Slack, it’s an easy to use (and free) messaging app that the SC Codes team and learners use as our primary communication tool. It’s also a very widely used app in the tech industry…so you’re gonna have to get used to it anyways! 😉

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Become a Mentor

Ready to put those new skills to work & make a difference in the lives of the next generation of SC tech talent?

If you’re interested in using your skill set and experience as a learner to help beginners on the SC Codes platform, we’d love to share more about our Mentorship program and what opportunities are available. Checkout our Mentorship homepage to learn more and complete our interest form.